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La diaspora québécoise

La diaspora québécoise

Commentaire (posté le 17 janvier 2017) :
«Noël, a sociologist and sometimes journalist for La Presse, turns up some surprising names and narratives. Hillary Clinton has alluded to a Quebec strain in her lineage, but Noël traces it to a carpenter of New France named Nicolas Godet, who was killed in 1657 by a party of Iroquois while working on a roof. Beyoncé’s French-Canadian heritage links her to the Acadian resistance hero Joseph Broussard (a.k.a. “Beausoleil”), and to Marie-Josephte Corriveau (“la Corriveau”), a convicted murderer whose corpse was famously displayed in an iron gibbet at Pointe-Lévy for several weeks in 1763.
Noël also finds that Madonna and Celine Dion are distant cousins, though fails to mention that both are similarly related to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Unlike many of Noël’s subjects, Madonna speaks some French, and sent her children to immersion school. “You know, I am French-Canadian too,” she told a Montreal audience at a concert in 1987
(......) This migration became a flood during the decades after Confederation. In 1861, 86 per cent of French Canadians lived in Quebec. By 1911, only 53 per cent did. Nearly one million Quebeckers had left for the United States, most of them drawn by the bustling mills of New England.
“Diaspora” properly refers to a broad community of displaced people who maintain the customs and language of their homeland. Noël’s star witnesses for this kind of diasporic experience are writers Jack Kerouac and Annie Proulx, whose parents were economic migrants. Kerouac spoke only French till the age of six, and later reflected on “that horrible homelessness of all French Canadians abroad in America.” Proulx never learnt the language, and came to feel that her separation from her parents’ cultural roots created “a profound solitude that grew with the years.”
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